Church of Christ
There Is a Difference

This series of messages on the church will seek to present a New Testament portrait of the church Jesus built.  The series will answer such questions as:

  • What is the church of Christ?
  • How do churches of Christ differ from other evangelical churches?
  • How is the church related to salvation?
  • How does God want the church to worship?
  • How does the Lord’s Supper relate to the Lord’s Day?
  • What roles does God have for men and women in the church?
  • How is the church to be organized?
  • What are some misunderstandings people have about the churches of Christ?

 Using the Bible as our guide, we will explore the teaching of Scripture pertaining to the church of the New Testament.


Step Into the Wagonk -  08-06-17

 • Who Are the Churches Of Christ?
 • How Do You Worship?
 • Does the Church Have a Headquarters?
 • Where Did You Get Your Name?
 • How Does One Become a Member?
 • Is Your Teaching Narrow?
 • Is The Church Jesus Built Present Today?
 • Can I Become a Christian Now?

Step Into the Wagonk -  08-06-17