Church of Christ
There Is a Difference

This series of messages on the church will seek to present a New Testament portrait of the church Jesus built.  The series will answer such questions as:

  • What is the church of Christ?
  • How do churches of Christ differ from other evangelical churches?
  • How is the church related to salvation?
  • How does God want the church to worship?
  • How does the Lord’s Supper relate to the Lord’s Day?
  • What roles does God have for men and women in the church?
  • How is the church to be organized?
  • What are some misunderstandings people have about the churches of Christ?
  • 7 Reasons Why We Sing

 Using the Bible as our guide, we will explore the teaching of Scripture pertaining to the church of the New Testament.


Step Into the Wagonk -  08-06-17

 • Who Are the Churches Of Christ?
 • How Do You Worship?
 • Does the Church Have a Headquarters?
 • Where Did You Get Your Name?
 • How Does One Become a Member?
 • Is Your Teaching Narrow?
 • Is The Church Jesus Built Present Today?
 • Can I Become a Christian Now?

Step Into the Wagonk -  08-06-17
Why We Sing