Bible Classes

Whitehouse  Church of Christ
Bible School Ministry

Fall Quarter 2018


Welcome to the Bible School classes at the Whitehouse Church of Christ.  We have Bible classes for all ages with a host of subjects being studied each quarter.  Please join us as we open God’s Word and study it together.    Douglas L. Yates

A Note From The Education Minister

The mission of the Whitehouse Church of Christ educational ministry is to edify the believer and evangelize the lost through a systematic study of God’s Word.  We also want to encourage all classes to participate in both fellowship and benevolent opportunities as they present themselves to each class. Your attendance and participation is deeply desired to all of our classes.

Douglas L. Yates

Cradle Roll Coordinator: P. Mitchell, D. Wright, and J. Stewart.  This class meets in the nursery (room 139).  It is for ages: Infant through 24 months.  They study from the Palma Smiley curriculum.

Toddler Class: 2’s and 3’s  Teacher: E. Dupree; S. Parrish; A. Tiemann (Sunday) will teach this class which meets in room 135 and it is geared for those who are 2 years old-3 years old.  During the fall quarter the material will be from: 21st Century Christian (Sunday) and T. Duvall and S. Duvall will be the teachers on Wednesday and teaching from: 21st Century Christian material.

Preschool Class: 4’s -Kindergarten This class will meet in room 133 and A. Smith and J. Smith will be teaching it on Sunday morning while C. Wilkinson and S. Russell will teach it on Wednesday evenings.  On Sunday morning the material will be Immerse by 21st Century Christian and on Wednesday evenings, the material will be LifeLinks by 21st Century Christian

Elementary Class: 1st Grade through 3rd grade: This class is taught on Sunday morning by Melissa Parrish and on Wednesday evenings by Vanessa Floyd.  The curriculum is a compilation of materials put together by Kim DuPree and Melissa Parrish.  They meet in room 220. 

Elementary Class: 4th Grade through 6th grade: This class will be taught on Sunday morning by Kim DuPree and on Wednesday evenings by Cassie King.  The curriculum is a compilation of materials put together by Kim DuPree/ Melissa Parrish.  This class meets in room 221.

Junior High/HighSchool This class will meet in room 215 and it will be taught by Chris Detkos on Sunday mornings and he will be looking at: Having a Positive Attitude in a Negative World.  On Wednesday evenings this class will merge with the college class and be taught by Doug Yates.  Subject: Becoming People of Integrity.

Wednesday Evening Ladies Class will meet in room 218 and be studying from Cindy Colley’s book:“Women of Genesis.”  Various ladies of the congregation will share in the teaching of this class.

Sunday Morning/Wednesday Evening  Auditorium Class The auditorium class will be looking at the subject of The Minor Prophets  Sunday mornings. Brody Clark will be the teacher.  On Wednesday evenings, Spencer Shaw will be teaching this class from the Book of Romans.

Sunday Morning Professionals Class The Professionals Class meets in the fellowship hall each Sunday morning (only).  This quarter Aaron Duvall will be the teacher and his subject will be: Women of the Bible.trok.

College Class Spencer Shaw will begin a new study this quarter with the college class on Sunday mornings.  His class will include only the college age students.  The subject matter for this class will be:Contemporary Ethics. On Wednesday evenings, Doug Yates will begin a study on: Becoming People of Integrity.  This class will be a combined, Junior High through College class.qt


A Great Big Thank You Is Extended To
 All Of Our Teachers For Their Labor Of Love.

Tuesday Morning Ladies Bible Class The ladies meet in the fellowship hall each Tuesday at 10:00 am.  Carolyn Montandon coordinates this class and she incorporates a host of ladies who are willing and able to teach.  Thank you ladies for being available to teach this class.  The subject for this year will be: Birds of the Bible

Tuesday Morning Mens Bible Class The men also have a class that meets at 10:00 am on Tuesdays.  This class meets in the library and it is coordinated by David Frick.  David has been coordinating and teaching this class for several years now and we are indebted to him.  The subject matter will be: Last Week of Jesus’ Life.

Bible Hour Dale and Carolyn Blackstone are ready to kick off Bible Hour.  This ministry (which meets upstairs on Sun. evenings) is for our Kindergarten through 3rd graders.  It is a wonderful instructional class in which the kids have a fantastic learning experience..

Let me take just a few lines to thank everyone for a very successful summer.  Our Bible School attendance picked up over the summer and for this I am grateful.  We had a wonderful VBS this year as we “Excavated” God’s Word together.  And our Wednesday Evening Dessert Nights were well staffed and well attended.  Thank you. God Bless